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Tehsil Nagar, District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

The old Ahmednagar was quite different from its present appearance. It covered an area of six miles from the present railway station to the present town of Bhingar with its surroundings on the south and north. The Bhingar area was further extended by the Cantonment area . This still is in existence.

Ahmed Nizam Shah founded Ahmednagar in 1494 and this city is named after his name. It was found on the left bank of the Sina river. Ahmed Nizam Shah also built the fort with mud in 1490 and Hussain Nizam Shah rebuilt the fort with the present stone masonary and dug the present ditch around the fort in 1562.

The whole city which was moderate in size was surrounded by walls built of stone and mud masonary below and white mud masonary above. They were 12 to 13 feet high, six feet broad and about three miles round, The walls were built about 1631 by Sarjekhan one of Shah Jahan’s nobles. There ware eleven gates set in this huge circular wall . They were the Jhenda and the Bava gates on the east, the Maliwada or Railway and Fergusson gates in the south, the Nepti and Nalegaon gate in the west and the Delhi, Tophkhana, Sarjepura, Mangal and king gates in the north.

It seems that the British captured this old historic city on 8 th August 1803. But not without dear strife. The people of Ahmednagar were hard fighting and brave to the core. It is there ill luck that they did not find any able leader to give on organized and effective resistance at that very crucial and momentous juncture. All the same the might of Ahmednagar was humbled down from 8 th of August 1803 to 8 th August 1942. When the rebellion against the British stoved by once against on the nationwide basis under the unique leadership of Gandhiji in Ahmednagar under the leadership of Raosaheb and Achutrao Patwardhan and many other local patriots.
The city also boosts of having Spritual leaders like Avtar Meher Baba, Anand Rishi Maharaj & district bosts of international pilgrimage centre Shirdi & shingnapur.

This is on road from Pune To Manmad. This is good city and Maratha,s of this area area are doing well in various fields of life.

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